FUT hair transplant

Unlike the DHI method, the FUT transplant method (short for Follicular Unit Transplantation) does not transplant hairs individually, but as a strip.


After the area has been shaved, the strips are extracted from the back of the head. After this, each individual hair root which is to be transplanted from the strip is prepared under a microscope and inserted into the affected areas in the smallest of units (grafts) by using a hollow needle. 3,000 to 6,000 grafts can be carried out per session. Subsequently, the extraction area is sewn up.


Refraining from taking acetylsalicylic acid-containing painkillers reduces the risk of complications to a minimum. Additionally, smoking and drinking alcohol the day prior to the operation is not recommended. The area to be treated is shaved before the operation itself.


A local anaesthetic is required for an FUT transplant.

After the operation

A linear scar is created through the FUT method, which will later be covered by hair and thus barely visible. Even extensive bald areas can be treated in this manner. The strip technique enables a permanently natural result, which is mostly visible after around four to six months.

Washing your hair for the first time

You can wash your hair again as early as a few days after the operation. As soon as the stitches have been removed from the place of extraction, this area can also be washed. Important: use as little pressure as possible when shampooing.


When it comes to FUT transplants, we also offer regular subsequent appointments which monitor the success of the treatment.

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