Lightsheer laser

At the HAARZENTRUM AN DER OPER, we also make use of the Lightsheer laser, a diode laser from the third generation of devices, as an alternative to the Vectus™. This works using modern 805 nm diode laser technology, which transports high-energy light pulses through the uppermost layer of the skin and directly into the hair root. Once there, the light beam targets and destroys the roots by generating heat.


Treatment with the Lightsheer laser is particularly gentle and effective on almost all skin types. To increase the success of the laser epilation, it is recommended that this be carried out during the period of growth of the hair. This results in intervals of time of three to six weeks between the individual sessions. Overall, we recommend a package of five to seven applications.


As laser epilation is most effective on dark hair and pale skin, it is best when the skin is untanned. It is only in this way that the absorption of the light energy can be guaranteed and the hair root permanently destroyed. What’s more, body hair should not be plucked or epilated a few days before the permanent hair reduction.


An anaesthetic is not necessary.

After the treatment

Treatment with the Lightsheer laser is also not associated with any time off. Afterwards, there may be some mild swelling and redness. The treated area should not be exposed to any sun for two weeks after the application and should be protected with a high level of sun protection as regularly as possible.

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