Vectus TM Laser

The highest standard in permanent hair removal is currently offered by the VectusTM diode laser, which operates using the only melanin measurement tool which has been approved by the American medicinal products authorities, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A minimum of seven sessions, three to six weeks apart, are necessary to achieve a lasting result.


In a matter of seconds, the melanin measurement tool determines the exact degree of pigmentation in your skin and, in a targeted manner, adjusts the laser energy to the individual characteristics of the area which is to be treated. Thanks to the laser’s high repetition rate and the resulting short intervals between the individual light pulses, the skin tissue is not only treated with care, but the length of the treatment is also reduced many times over. A further plus: the XXL applicator enables the largest-possible treatment area within the shortest amount of time. The innovative VectusTM laser can be applied for permanent hair reduction in the face as well as on the body, and is suitable for almost all types of skin and hair.


The regions which are to be treated should not be epilated, plucked or waxed for approximately three weeks before the planned hair removal. Additionally, it is recommended that you refrain from intensive sunbathing two weeks in advance.


No anaesthesia is required for this treatment.

After the treatment

The integrated cooling system serves to make the treatment, itself pain-free, additionally pleasant. You don’t have to plan in any time off. After treatment, you may experience some slight redness and temporary swelling in the affected area. Direct sun should be avoided for approximately two weeks. What’s more, it is recommended that you use as high a level of sun protection as possible.

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