hair transplants
at Haarzentrum an der Oper – Munich

Located directly by Marienplatz, the HAARZENTRUM AN DER OPER in the heart of Munich is considered one of Germany’s best addresses in the field of hair transplants, offering a wide range of invasive and non-invasive treatment approaches with regard to hair loss and generally thinning hair. This special practice, run by Dr Stefan Duve, Dr Christian Merkel, Dr Wolfgang Niederdorfer and Dr Hans-Peter Schoppelrey, is the only partner practice in Germany which offers the innovative DHI hair transplant – short for Direct Hair Implantation. Our hair experts carry out a detailed case history of your current living circumstances, a blood sample and computer-aided hair analysis before any treatment to carefully examine the underlying cause of the hair loss. An individual therapy plan—tailored to your personal needs—is created only after this has been carried out. Our doctors participate in national and international congresses several times a year and therefore guarantee you aesthetic results at the highest level.

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